Crocs and Keys

No not those sort of Crocs! The ones you wear on your feet. I was informed that they were the perfect footwear for the often sodden streets of Ranong – so being in the land of crocs, we bagged ourselves a pair. Mine are bright blue, Nuala’s are beige. Mine might change colour.

Having stopped working, I’ve begun contemplating the meaning of freedom. For much of the world, having been restricted in what they can say or think  for many years, freedom is very obviously the removal of these restrictions. However for the few of us who have never been constrained in this way, freedom is harder to define. Recently I’ve realized that freedom is about how much you carry around with you. What must you always have with you? For me it was my keys. I had a key to my house, a key to my motorbike, a key to my car, a key to the office and a digital number generating thing that let me get into my office network. I was trusted with these things, I was responsible for them, I was bound to them. Now I have no house, no car, no motorbike (sob!), and no work (that’s a statement, not an invitation). All that’s left of my once glorious key ring is my trusty Swiss army knife (and the copies of my old office key that I give away as trinkets). And I feel very free indeed.

3 thoughts on “Crocs and Keys

  1. Looking forward to the updates, cheers Andrew. I loved my teva sandals (still have them with tread and all 4 years on) and have been recommending them to everyone. Let me know how the crocs go, though for me ego may prevent purchase.

  2. You should have ditched your iPod touch and felt even more freedom. You still have my address if you wish to rid yourself of this additional shackle. I shall happily bear that cross for you, my brother.

  3. Yay crocs! Natalie had some rocjing crocs in Vanuatu too they were fab! I hope you have settled happily into Ranong life, and that the bus trip there wasn’t too difficult or long (please tell me it wasn’t;)) Are you learning Thai or Burmese?
    Blessings, Lizzy

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