The Irish are coming…

We’ve spent the past few days busily preparing for the arrival of some visitors to MMR – Fr Jimmy, a Marist priest from Dundalk in Ireland, together with six Irish students from the Marist school in Dundalk. In fact, there are a lot of visitors around at the moment – our friends Lizzy and Fr Frank from New Zealand (bringing the number of Kiwis around the place up to five); Francis, a Jesuit seminarian from Malaysia who is staying with MMR for five weeks; and now the Irish. For a fleeting few days there the Kiwis were enjoying being in the majority in the community, but with the arrival of the Irish crew last night we’re outnumbered again. Meanwhile, the four Philippinos don’t know what’s hit them as they have for the first time been relegated to third place in the pecking order, hahahaha.

So the next couple of weeks look set to be action packed, as we try to give James, Shane, Mark, Michael, Steven and Anne a glimpse of life in Ranong. And I’m on cooking dinner tonight….for 18. Fun times!

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