All roads lead back to Ranong.

The blog continues….

Here we go again, stepping out that front door to encounter old friends, new friends, familiar haunts and new adventures!  It’s been a while since we’ve written, so firstly a brief update for those of you who we haven’t been in contact with much over the past six months:

So our last blog post back in March saw us leaving Jerusalem and heading for Egypt before getting on our first plane in six months and flying to Europe, uncertain of where the road would lead next. To cut a long story short, we eventually decided to commit to another stint in Ranong, on the Thai-Burmese border, this time for around two years, starting in October. That left us with six months to fill, so for that time we have been living and working in Sydney. But now the time has come for us to head back to Ranong and finally settle down for a while after 18 months of transience – we can’t wait!

And this time, there’ll be three of us – our wee baby, affectionately nicknamed “Papaya” until she’s born, is expected to make an appearance in Ranong in early January. No doubt that will be the start of the really big adventure that will make all previous adventures pale into insignificance in comparison – I hope we’re up to the challenge.

And what will we be doing in Ranong, besides having a baby? Well, we will be rejoining the Marist Mission community there, this time as a lay “Marist Family on Mission”. We’ll be co-ordinating a new programme, which sees young Burmese enroll in a distance diploma course through the Australian Catholic University – basically all of the real teaching comes from the lecturers in Sydney, but we are the on-site tutors and administrators. As I said, it’s a new programme so we’re still a little sketchy on the details of just what our role will entail –  we’ll update you as we figure it out!

Nuala and Papaya leave Sydney for Ranong tomorrow morning, and Andrew will follow in 3 weeks time, after working out his contract here.  As always, all comments, emails and prayers are gratefully received – as are visits by anyone happening to be travelling through Thailand and wanting a slightly more unusual stopover experience than 3 nights in Pattaya.  You’re always welcome in Ranong.

5 thoughts on “All roads lead back to Ranong.

  1. We are already missing Nuala!
    We wish you all the very best for the years ahead.
    I am sure you will make very good parents (all the spoiling will be the prerogative of the grandparents!!!).
    We look forward to our trip to Ranong in Jan
    Love and prayers

  2. pregnant eh! How wonderful! I suppose we don’t need to ask you what you have been doing in your spare time then 😉 God keep and bless you in your generosity to mission! The Welly Willies

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