Meet Felicity

About 22 hours ago, a purple scrunched up bundle of girl took her first wee breaths as two delighted parents looked on. A few seconds later she let out those first few breaths with an almighty wail, the likes of which had, until then, never reached her father’s ears.

Nuala was in labour for about 20 hours and gave birth to Felicity Máire Indira

Nuala in Labour

McKeever Moraes at 1:45pm Thai time. (Timeline of events recorded below for those interested). Nuala was amazing, and though I’ve heard plenty of husbands talk about their wives with supreme admiration after birth, I wasn’t prepared for Nuala’s unwavering bravery and poise.

In wild contrast to provincial Thai hospital practice, I was allowed into the

Super nurse in the 'labour room'

‘labour room’ (which we, thankfully, had sole use of) as well as the delivery room – though I did have to dress like a doctor for that part.  We were blessed with a lovely nurse, with fairly good English and excellent empathy who was very supportive of a natural birth. Our friend Tatha, member of the foreign-lay-missionary-who-gave-birth-in-Ranong club, was with us throughout providing crucial Thai-English translation. Last but not least, another member of our community, Ian John, was always on hand to run off on errands, bring me some lunch, and celebrate with a drink. It really was a great team effort.

Nuala and Felicity - 1hr after birth

At 3.2Kg (7lbs) and an APGAR score of 29/30, Felicity is healthy and happy and rapidly learing new things – so far she can cry, suck, pee, poo, yawn, sneeze and hiccup! But basically she’s doing brilliantly with the gentle help of her mummy and with a little playful mocking from daddy.

A few here are curious about her name so here is a bit more on them: Felicity comes from Latin for ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’ and is the name of two saints –

Hello to the morning

Felicity of Rome and Felicity of Carthage.  Máire is the Gaelic form of Mary, the mother of Jesus and probably warrants no further explanation. Indira is Sanskrit for ‘brilliant’ or ‘splendid’. McKeever and Moraes are of course the names of our families.

Over the last few years of marriage, I’ve been often quietly proud of how smooth and efficient a team Nuala and I are. Whether its organizing a wedding, catching a train in Pakistan, finding a snow-covered castle in Iran, buying a painting in Damascus or managing our students in Ranong, we know and anticipate each other’s thoughts and actions. Earlier today we had a similarly daunting situation – cleaning up a sticky black tar-like substance that Felicity had managed to fill her nappy with. At that moment, I realized that we’ve still got a long way to go! We’re really going to need to become  a truly harmonious team in the weeks and years ahead.

To all our family and friends around the world, we miss you, but appreciate all your prayers and messages. We’d love to introduce you to our little daughter soon – so come and visit! Keep up the support and prayers. More photos:

Sleeping on daddy's chest

Sleeping peacefully on daddy's lap

Big yawn!

Lunch time

P.S. Labour timeline (Supplementary reading):

00:00 (Midnight): Contractions 5 mins apart – leave for hospital

00:20: Nuala changed into hospital gown

00:58: Back home to wait for labour to progress (hospital gown returned)

07:39: Nuala examined by Dr and sent to hospital

08:00 Arrive at hospital and changed into (new) hospital gown.

08:50:Nuala hooked upto Oxygen at hospital

09:05: Nuala is put on an IV drip

09:22 Andrew asks to try out oxygen

09:22: Andrew is denied oxygen

11:35: Syntocyn injection to speed up contractions

12:50: Membranes artificially ruptured

13:09: Nuala taken to delivery room

13:10:Andrew, masquerading as a doctor, enters the delivery room

13:45: Felicity is born

13:45: Felicity cries her head off

18 thoughts on “Meet Felicity

  1. Congratulations!!!!! Man, I was way off in the name department. I only picked one name, not five! Although I did guess Moraes, that should count for something.

    Erin’s brother and his wife just had a baby boy a few days ago, something is in the air.

    Congrats again!

  2. Awesome news! I’m so glad it all went well and naturally. I was spot on with names. I thought she’d have a biblical name, an Irish name, an Indian name, McKeever, and Moraes: )
    God bless.

  3. Congratulations guys! She is absolutely adorable, you must be smitten. We’re both so pleased to hear you’re all safe and well. Looking forward to reading more adventures as you go through it all. You really have been so blessed. Sending lots of love, cuddles and kisses your way xxx

  4. Wow, great to hear everything is well! Sounds like a scary day to me, but you guys are obviously super-brave. Beautiful name also. Lots of love and very happy for all three of you. All the best, Christy and Josh x

  5. Well done Nuala and Andrew…. been thinking of you 3 and knowing the baby was coming soon. So glad that all is well. May the nappy changing go well and I’ll pray Felicity is very good at sleeping for Mum and Dad. Blessings on the adventures on the year ahead for the whole team over there in Ranong.

  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Geburt eurer “härzigen” Tochter.
    Ich wünsche euch das Allerbeste beim Einleben als Familie.
    Ihr werdet das gut managen.
    Ich freue mich jetzt schon, euch als Familie irgendwann und irgendwo wieder zu sehen.
    Liebi Grüess

  7. Congratulations! Really exciting news and lovely to see photos of the wee bundle of joy! Sounds like you did an amazing job Nuala and what a proud husband/dad 🙂
    Thinking of you all!
    Love Vic

  8. Warmest congratulations Fin and Andrew on becoming a mum & dad to a beautiful daughter Felicity – as you know I have five ! You do get on quite a natural high when your child is born don’t you? The photos are lovely. She looks a wee darling.

    Thank God Mum and baby well (and dad survived the birth).

    God Bless your new “trinity”.

    PS I enjoyed wirking with you Fin and always appreciated your help, attitude and manner.

    I an now CS Tasman based in Nelson with my daughter Sophie as my junior apprentice. Formed our own firm O’Donoghue Webber (ODW).

    If you ever down this way please make sure you call in and say hello.

    Well done again Mark & Katherine O’Donoghue.

  9. Congratulations guys!! Felicity looks absolutely beautiful (and very cute when she’s yawning!). Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

  10. Well done team! Thanks for the prompt updates and photos – I have been checking facebook every few hours for days!!!

    You’ve picked such lovely names, and she is so sweet-looking! Not purple and scrunched up at all!

    Love the blog post Andrew, very cool to have a full account of the whole drama.

    Much love to you all, can’t wait to see you again and meet Felicity.

  11. A big welcome to our world Baby Felicity……..
    Congratulations Nuala and Andrew, so delighted to hear of your Happy News!!
    Just love those photos. She is a real little a Poppet!! Thanks for sharing her with us all. Lots of love and a big Hug x x

  12. Awesome Guys! Katy and I are pleased to hear everything went well, and you now have a gorgeous baby girl to keep you busy! Take care!

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