Competitions and winners

Projectile Poo

Firstly, congratulations to Susanna, Sonya and Mark for their correct answers to the projectile poo problem.  It’s great to see the education system of NZ can still produce graduates of such calibre (pun fully intended). Fortunately the days of projectile poo are now behind us – these days is’s more often squelchy poo, ninja poo and lava poo… I’ve done my bit – your imagination can do the rest.

Baby sweepstake winner

Now, it really has been a long time since this competition closed – our scrutineers were otherwise occupied… with poo… of all types. We do finally have a winner, a couple of honourable mentions and a couple of dishonourable mentions…

1. Winner: Michaline McKeever (Felicity’s Nana) stormed into first place with 9 points out of a possible 11, correctly picking the birthdate, and several of the names and getting very close with the birthweight.

2. Runner-up. Nick Wilson followed very close behind with a terrific score of 8.5

3. Honorable mentions to Holly Moraes and Chris McKeever for joint third place at 6 points – completing a dominant performance by the two families.

4. Dishonorable mentions: Amassing a total score of -2, Simon Devaney of Durban, SA could well have been the veritable bottom of the barrel, had someone even more wrong not snatched defeat. Seth Mazow, of Texas, USA managed a score of -3, largely due to his choice of baby name… Really Seth did you think we’d name our child after a dope-smoking politician and some dude with an arts degree?

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition…read on to get the latest about Felicity.

One thought on “Competitions and winners

  1. Not sure which is worse…

    Take note though that history is in the “social sciences”, which makes me a scientist, right Andrew? And my Asian focus taught me many valuable tidbits about the continent where you are currently living. For instance, when someone asks you how they should prepare your food, you should respond by saying the word “pet”, which means delicious in Thai. You’re welcome.

    Glad to see the blog back to being updated, I miss y’all from afar! If you’re ever homesick for the conveniences of the developed world, just know that the thai restaurant a few blocks away advertises lunch “specials” for US$9.95, which buys you an unbelievable amount of eatin’ where you are.

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