Less is more

After the embarrassingly long gap between posts last time, and my general abysmal record at replying to emails in a timely fashion, I am determined to adopt a “less is more” mindset when it comes to blogging and emails. My trouble is, I always want to make a good job of it and include everything I want to say, and I’m loath to click publish or send until it’s ‘perfect’…which of course never quite happens…. So I’ve decided that a little every week or so is better than a lot, ummm, never.

Felicity slept through the night this week for the first time, at age 20 weeks exactly. By “slept through” the night, I mean I haven’t had to go to her at all for the past couple of nights – we hear her wake a few times and give a little cry, but she sorts herself out within a few minutes and is fast asleep again. Sometimes I think she wasn’t actually awake at all. After four and a half months of getting in and out of bed multiple times every night, this is bliss. Of course, I haven’t started sleeping through again yet – I’m still caught up in the nervous anticipation of will she, won’t she, make it through the night: Hear her cry at 3am, will she settle…yes, she’s done it! Wake at 4 and think, only three hours to go, you can do it little girl… Hear her stir at 4.30, again on tenterhooks….and she’s asleep again! Wake at 5 to close the curtains so the morning light doesn’t bother her. Wake at 5.45 and think, if she sleeps 45 more minutes that’ll be good enough…until she finally wakes up at 6.55 precisely, dead on schedule. It’ll take me a while to get used to it I think, but the extra sleep for all three of us is already making for a much happier family all round.

Today is Wai Kru (Teachers’ Day) in Thailand. We’ve blogged about this before and the ceremony was much the same this time round, so I won’t go into details here. Felicity and I walked down to the Marist Education Centre this morning to say hello – we missed most of the formalities (probably just as well with a squiggly baby) and arrived just in time to divert the attention of the entire student body away from the closing remarks. The students were all very excited as they haven’t seen Felicity since last semester when she was much smaller! The next 45 minutes were pretty tiring for the wee girl, as she was surrounded by dozens of new faces eager to see her, smile at her, hold her, prod her and give her flowers (careful, not the ones with thorns!) that she, of course, proceeded to try and eat. She was a little trooper, holding up brilliantly until we got home where she could collapse in her cot.

One thought on “Less is more

  1. She is a just a wee cracker and I can’t wait for my first cuddle! Looks and sounds like Mum and dad are naturals too! Well done guys! That first night of sleeping thru is blessed relief eh!
    All good here. we are 16 weeks so end of november we will be a family fo five. not sure of the sex yet, and will wait for the day!
    bernards is going well but very full on with deaning! I love it though! Tuoi is asleep on the couch during the 6 o’c news but waht a trooper man! Flynn is at kindy and very proud big brother to brianna who is making moves ot walk!
    He of course has 2 babies in his tummy too so that keeps it interesting!
    God bless and keep you guys!
    The wellie willies

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