My stay-at-home Dada

Dada doesn’t like lawyers. He doesn’t believe in the UN and thinks Democracy is overrated. So Mama and Dada decided that it was better for mama to tutor the new course “International law and Human Rights”. This meant that Dada looked after me all day for about 10 days, and then half day for the next six weeks.

It was nice to spend some time with Dada – here are some of the special things about my stay-at-home dada:

  • Dada and I do a lot of counting – he always teaches me to start from zero because it’s a very important number. He says Asians first discovered zero a long time ago and Europeans didn’t know about zero for a long time untill the Arabs taught them about it. He says I’m part Asian and I live in Asia so I should know about zero.

Dada lets me share his clothes

  • Dada and I do flying exercises together. I lie on his shins and he does ‘crunches’. It looks difficult but dada says he needs to do them or his tum will look like his dada’s.

Teddy loves going to the park

  • Dada teaches me how to ride an elephant. Dada is the elephant and I’m the mahoot. Dada says to hold onto his hand but I’m the mahoot and I know that the elephant goes faster if I pull the ears or the hair.
  • Dada and I also explore mama’s tomato plants. He lets me pull the leaves and play with them but we have to clean up before mama comes home or we’ll be in trouble.

Bucket bath to cool down

  • If I’m good during the week, then dada gives me a few fingers of beer. He dips his pinky in beer and I get to slurp it off! Yummy. It’s OK but I can’t wait to taste NZ beer.

Do I have something on my face?

  • Recently, after dada puts me down for my nap he disappears into the next apartment and when I wake up, he’s covered in sawdust. He says he’s building me a place to play, but he tells other people it’s something called a ‘jail’.
  • My dada often takes me dancing. We do spins, leaps and even dips. It’s a lot of fun but dada say’s he’s tired and we have to stop if I blurt on him.

The playpen that Dada built

Basically dada and I have lots of fun together. I have lots of fun and Dada has lots of fun. Sometimes dada has so much fun that he gets tired. Then he wants to have a nap. After he puts me down for a nap he quickly does all the chores that mama sets for him.

Dada stops me falling off the toilet

One day dada decided that he would have a nap too. He went to sleep and slept and slept and slept. He didn’t wake up when it was time for me to get up. He didn’t wake up when it was time for me to have some mama-milk from my cup. He didn’t wake up when it was time to take me to mama for a feed. He didn’t wake up when mama phoned him to see where he was… the first time, the second time or any of the next 5 times.

Mama and dada doing the sign for 'cow'

When I woke up after my big big sleep, I called out to dada and he came. He looked a bit sleepy. Then he looked at the watch and his phone and he got that look on his face when he’s in trouble with mama. Mama  rushed home when there was no response from dada and was happy to see us both, but she gave dada one of those looks that she never gives me… I don’t know what it means.

A message for my dada

It’s fun having dada around so much – I think he likes it too. But he often says that he can only be a good dada because mama is such a good mama and a great wife.

Finally, I have to say…. GO THE ALL BLACKS! We watched the matches in a local Australian pub. At first I would clap when I saw lots of running, but then dada taught me to clap then the ones in black are running and no one can stop them!

Go the ABs!

7 thoughts on “My stay-at-home Dada

  1. Fantastic blog Felicity. You can come and help me with writing my thesis when you’re in Auckland. There’s a good God-daughter.

  2. Felicity I think you are doing so well learning all those things…. you must have good mum and dad. And glad to see you are being taught how to support the All Blacks! Hope everyone is well 🙂

  3. That was a great story Felicity. You seem to have noticed a lot of very special things about your Dada – we call them ‘quirks’, when we’re being nice 🙂 Think you might have to try screaming a little louder when you wake up from your sleeps though – your Dada can sleep through a fire siren.

    Oh, and remind him your Mama is a lawyer so it’s about time he revised his rule about them. And tell your Mama it’s great she’s teaching about such important stuff!

    Ok, chat later – i’m looking forward to meeting you very soon!

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