Nuala’s navigating and Andrew’s driving on the right (wrong) side of the road eventually got us to Zetzikon – fairly much the opposite of Singapore! We spent three days enjoying the hospitality of Roland, Ursula and Muriel – eating delicious cheese, salami and bread and going for long quiet walks in the countryside to meet all the various neighbourhood farm animals.



A day trip to Stein-an-Rhine was majestically peaceful


Next stop was Leistal to see the Waldhausers – Stefan, Karen and the twins Livia and Rocco. Andrew went ahead with Felicity while Nuala spent a night in Zurich to catch up with Sabrina and Sven. It was the first of many more dada-daughter adventures to come! The kids were all due on the same date – 05 Jan 2011 so they’re close enough in age to be simultaneously delightful and devilish to eachother and the parents.



Naturally visiting one’s former boss is not without it’s risks. “Ok Andrew – today we’ll be improving the sand pit that I hastily built so that it’s actually good. And so that the cat’s don’t get in”. A few hours later…


After cleaning the windows of Stefan’s neighbors (for an un-disclosed fee that I’ve yet to see any share of) it was time to resume the holiday by visting Felicity’s cousin Carter and his parents in Laussane.


It was lovely to explore the city of Lausanne and surrounds with John, Holly and Carter – planning a day with two kids’ needs was good practice for the months ahead.


Unbeknownst to most of us, Dad had secretly plotted a vist to Europe while we were in Lausanne. Felicity and I went off to the playground and returned with Dad – all the way from Australia! Once we got over the shock it was onto grandfatherly duties.


It was during our visit that Carter began trying out solid food. So Felicity was happy to share some of her favourite combinations with him. Watermellon and Hummus anyone? Carter rightfully looks terrified.


There was plenty of sharing of toys and telling of stories – the cousins really did get along well. By the end of August, once we’d had our fill of Salami, Bread and Cheese, it was time to return the rental car… and the cousin.



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