This blog started off intending to tell our story of  living and working as short-term volunteers with Marist Mission Ranong, in Ranong Thailand. MMR, as it is known, is a community founded by the Marist fathers, which works primarily with Burmese migrants who cross the border from Myanmar into Thailand at Ranong. For more information about MMR and the work that is done by the community see their website at  www.maristthailand.org. We were in Ranong for one school semester, from April until October 2009.

When our time in Ranong was up, we traveled north to Burma, to visit the land of the people we had grown to love while in Ranong. We then flew to India for Nuala to see where Andrew grew up, and to experience the intensity of life in India (not to mention the craziness of Bombay trains). From there, our trail wound westward through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, before we regretfully boarded our first plane in 5 months and made our way via Switzerland to Ireland, where Andrew was suitably overwhelmed by the number of cousins Nuala has, and didn’t quite acquire a taste for whiskey.
Through all the travels, the echos of Ranong pulled at us.  We couldn’t quite shake ourselves free of it -nor could we imagine returning to our previous lives in NZ once our travel was over. Ranong hadn’t done with us yet.


So in October 2010, we returned to Ranong and to MMR…no longer just the two of us. Our daughter Felicity was born here in January of 2011 and so it is here too where our family was born – where we are struggling through the early days of parenthood, where we are learning ever more to value each other’s strengths and be patient with our weaknesses, where we simultaneously delight in Felicity’s insatiable curiosity and despair  at her growing tendency to get into as much trouble as her dada.

It is here that we strive daily to love God, love each other, love our daughter, and to walk with the migrants in Ranong who, like us, are strangers in a strange land.


After 2 years and one baby on the Thai-Burma border, it’s time to return to the world of professional work. For now, that means Singapore as we wait for the newest arrival to show up.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome to hear that you guys are on an adventure too! Looking forward to your updates. What´s your grand plan for your travels, if any?

    Travelling certainly gets you thinking about stuff. Most recently my themes have been gratitude, humbleness and what hard work really means.

    Be safe and travel well


  2. Hi Nuala and Andrew
    You sure having a good time generally. Make the best of it You only live once and you are are young for a very short time and then begins life of responsibility and planning for security.
    Was a good decision to take off on these travels.
    Love from Rita and me

  3. Hi to Andrew once again from Cespoland. Believe it or not we are up past level 4 and reaching for level 5. They next have to work out how to get to level 6!!

    Read your latest info about the trip across the border for the one day with much interest (and much envy!).


    Chris C

  4. HI Andrew n Nuala,

    It is a brilliant experience, to go without planning ahead too much and experiencing all the things you are currently. I agree with the earlier comment- enjoy it cause its short lived and difficult once you have added responsibility.
    Wishing you every happiness with every new journey together, n if you do end up in England do give us a shout.
    warm regards

  5. Helo Nuala and Andrew
    we visit your website,it is very good,and we are very happy,very surpris.
    thanks a lot beacuse you used good word e bout us and my country.
    we come back your come again to my sity .
    see you soon.
    !! kafiye kafiye !!

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